Refinancing Loans

Are you looking for a range of refinancing options?

At Harmony Finance access the best refinancing options available. We understand that people need access to different lending products or services at different times in their life.

Some of the reasons that customers come to Harmony Finance is because:

  • they are not happy with their current bank;
  • bank procedures and policies may have changed and they no longer qualify for some lending products, or
  • they are looking for a better rate on their new or existing home loan.

At Harmony Finance we help our customers find the most appropriate refinancing option because we have access to a panel of over 20 bank and non-bank lenders.

Refinancing might be suitable if you are looking to reduce your interest rate, unlock capital in your home, and adjust the level of your monthly repayments, debt consolidation or for other reasons that might not have been relevant when you first took out your loan.

Contact Harmony Finance today on 0402 337 792 to discuss your loan refinancing needs.

Need advice on financing?

Contact Harmony Finance today so we can help you find the right home loan!

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